So i was in "the source" the other day and saw a RCA to bluetooth 12V setup, so on a whim i snagged it. I am currently using the ZLD as my head unit and have a set of RCA to Ipod 30 pin connector as the Aux in but had nothing on the Main input. I plugged the bluetooth to the main input and really like how it works... Only thing is the KMR 700U that i put into my boat last year is now collecting dust!!

This in my mind is the best idea for a head unit because you can pass your ipod/bluetooth ready device around the boat to whomever to pick out music and there is no wires. Also i didn't have a remote for the 700U so now i just have a suction cup mount on my side window that holds many different type of phones and it's all at my fingertips.

On another note the ZLD was the best purchase i've made for my boat outside of perfect pass!! i love having the ability to fade out the cabin and tower speakers and to easily adjust the bass as well.

I also didn't notice any quality difference in the music, but at first i had the gain on the EQ turned up to much and didn't have much adjustment on the volume before it became to loud... when it was set like that i could hear a background hiss... very faint but it was there! As soon as i turned down the gain a little it was gone.

Lovin my Exile gear!