This was the post from Scott:

check out poseidon flooring. I got to sample it the other day at the dealer. removable like carpet, spongey like seadek(only MUCH thicker) and removable so it's easy to clean.. I wish I had the option to have ordered it. it looks like a rubber weave doormat when you first look at it, but once you stand on it, you are sold..
it's a pretty spendy option to check on the boats that do have it(~$850), but you can buy it online in rolls similar to carpet and I understand pieces seam together easy for a full-floor look. looks to be in the 350-400 range to do an average boat-as much as having snap-in carpet made and cheaper than messing with either permanently mounting seadek(and now it's permanent again) or trying to retrofit seadek in some removable fashion.

So, I sent off an email and had a call from the President of the company within an hour. He is STOKED to provide a solution for Moomba owners. As the LSV has been the best selling Moomba model, I suggested that we start with here. I also suggested this so we can all pressure RDLANGSTON to take his boat to their shop to get a template made for the 2006-2012 LSV's.

Once a template is developed and digitized, folks can order their choice of color and logo(s). Turnaround was quoted at 2 weeks. Cost TBD, but a group buy discount will be part of the deal. I will have some samples of the product at the TX Jam so folks can feel it and see some of the available colors.

Big THANKS to sandm (glad we let you stick around) for finding what may be a fantastic solution to worn, matted, nasty looking carpet.