The group buy is a go and we are ready to place orders. There are 2 different items available for purchase, and of course your are welcome to purchase both if you'd like.
1.) Fulton F2 Jack and adapter plate: $156 + actual shipping charges
2.) Fulton 1400 Winch: $50 + actual shipping charges

To calculate your shipping costs use the UPS site with the following information:
1.) The jack and plate will be 20# in a 26 x 10 x 6 box.
2.) The winch will be 12# and in a 8 x 8 x 8 box.
Items will ship from zip 37801. The jack and winch must be shipped separately to ensure safe arrival.

I need to place each order and pay with my credit card. I will place your order once I receive payment via Paypal - danpowers at hotmail dot com. If there actual shipping charges vary by more than a few bucks I will reimburse the difference or request an addition payment. (Last year I lost money doing this and would prefer to just come out even if possible.) Please either send payment as a gift or add the 3% fee.