What is it?


Yesterday i got another chance of a lifetime, to do charity, and use my favorite hobby at the same time.
We took ole Fierah to Foster lake to participate in Wake The World.

This is an event growing around the US, this year it was 15 events in 13 states, Next year we hope its even bigger, i know its here to stay in Oregon.

We basically get paired up with Foster families and take them out on the lake to wake board, wake surf, and tube. Things most of these familes have never done or dont get to do do for what ever reason.

Its also a chance to show these troubles kids not all adults are bad, and show them to look at the brighter side and life can still be everything you want it to be.

Theres not a lot of pictures, and i didnt take any of these, they are all from a Professional photographer Jon Currier. I know him personally and hes a great guy, there are a lot of rules about taking pictures of the kids so you wont see to many direct shots of them. The even was awesome and i hope you all contact Wake the World and start events in your area. You wont be disapointed.

On to the Pics.

Vince and the WTW promoter and founder.

Look real close in the back you can see Fierah