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    I was going to get some acrylic material and make my own, but decided the effort really wasn't worth it after just using the 2 plastic strap holders. it held my battery just fine and if you measure/install the plastic pieces correctly, they fit the small indents in the bottom of the battery box and give you a guide to get them set in correctly..

    at the end of the day, I decided that with them installed in the passenger cubby out of the way and buried behind towels/purses/etc, those frames were more cosmetic than functional and no one would see them anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cigars n scotch View Post
    That would be simple build.
    wonder if this would work. Take a cutting board thats about 1 inch longer and wider that the group size battery box and cut out the inside to make the "picture frame". Simple and cheap and easy to make.

    Any thoughts on this
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    You are on the right track. When I added a second and then a third battery, I just duplicated the factory "frame" using left over King Starboard I had from my walkway project and used little galvanized L brackets from Home Depot. See pics below. The frame on the left is the one I made, the one on the right is the factory one. If you don't have easy access to starboard material, you could just go buy a white cutting board and cut it up as needed. The frame not only keeps the battery from sliding around but it also gives you a way to secure the hold down strap.


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