I just got a Fulton F2 two-speed winch. I know that some people already have an F2. It's only after getting my old winch off that I realise that the trailer's bow support only has a two-bold hole pattern, whereas the F2 uses three.

Another oddity is that the mounting bolts that come with the winch assume that it's on a plate, not a thick rectangular support. I can't imagine how the boats the boats of suitable size for this winch would be supported on a mere plate.

My question for those who installed the F2 winch: do you recommend drilling new holes, or using a washer over the lower opening (the one that's supposed to allow a bold head to pass through)? The F2's internal surface on the mounting area has a raised lip that doesn't allow a washer that's much larger than the hole, so I'm guessing that drilling is in order.

Either way, it's yet another trip to the hardware store for me.

I also have a note of caution for those putting this winch together: the handle is secured with a bolt that runs through a long sleeve, allowing the handle to spin freely. The kit includes a washer to go on one end of the handle itself (under the bold head), but not one for the other end. Because the crank's opening for the bolt is a bit too big, the sleeve that goes over the bolt can slip into the crank's hold, ruining it. This occurs at about 15 ft-lbs of torque, well below the recommended 20-25. This is a design defect and I'll be contacting Fulton about it. In the meantime, those who are yet to assemble it should do themselves a favour and stick a 3/8" washer between the handle and the crank.

Thanks in advance.