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    I only have experience with Boost, I am sure that many of the other carriers have similar plans, services, and pricing. Just thought I would bring up my experience with a money saver. I am not on my phone a lot and only use the web a few times a week. I know that I was leary of Boost/Metro/etc until I tried. Worst thing is to try and not like it. Then you are only out the price of the phone (which you could resell). I'm sure Verizon/Sprint/Att will welcome anyone back if it doesn't work out for you.
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    So how is the reception, Internet Connections?? I too am curious as i have thought about saving some money.
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    Got another question for you guys. My contract is up next month. I have recently (in the last 9 mos.) purchased used but better phones for all 4 of us that use them because the original ones did not last the full 2 years (no surprise there). I don't really want to re-up b/c the currenly available new phones, while slightly better than what we have, would be largely not better b/c we only have 3g around here with Sprint and there's no 4g in sight for a while (and [I]t would be another $100 or so per new phone). Has anyone successfully negotiated a price drop for month to month service after the contract is up?

    I don't see why I should continue to pay full price which included paying for subsidized phone purchases after the normal contract period has expired. I know I could go over to Boost but I'd have to flash all of our phones and I don't have a cheap way to do that.
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