Okay... so for some elusive reason the GIII ballast pumps in my 2010 NG OBV are in the Port locker between the transom and a divider wall...

As this is the locker MOST people fill with ballast for surfing, wouldn't it have been nice to have the pumps mounted on the Starboard side to allow as much room as possible in th ePort locker for ballast?

Seems kinda straight forward, but then again so does having the cooler on the Starboard side, which of course mine is not... dagnabbit...

Anyway, I want to move my GIII ballast pumps to the starboard locker for reasons stated above.

Does anyone know of any reason this wouldn't work that I am overlooking?

I'll have to rework the suppply/drain lines. Vent lines remain the same, and I will need to extend the main power lines to the starboard side. I expect that the main switch wiring harness can just be moved as the switches are already on the starboard side so it should be plenty long enough already.

So, what am I overlooking or not taking into account?