I've had all the scheduled maint done at dealership and this is first issue minus the standard scopes and recalls. It's been trouble free. Tires are a little over a grand, has the run flats.

It's a very fun car to drive and looks fantastic. Smoke grey with black interior and blacked out windows. Speed, torque, and handling are out of this world but I drive it very little as its the wife's car and she don't enjoy driving the family war wagon.

The fuel pump is also a known issue, finding all this out by reading on BMW forums just a tad to late! There is a local mechanic that specializes in BMW and VW but I don't know the dude and his shop looks a tad funky. I guess this is why he would probably do the same job for 500 bucks less.

Just don't think keeping this thing and the future issues that may or may not arise or worth me keeping her. Time for a new ride I think. Maybe I'll cool off a little after a while. Got my kiddos at Madagascar now to keep my mind off this bill

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