Added the 2 additional lights on the weekend, so here's what I've got so far.

IMG_0395.jpg; Boat pic 4.jpg; Boat pic 5.jpg; Boat pic 6.jpg; Boat pic 3.jpg

The 2 additional lights are still below the water line, and punching the whole through the transom was still contained within the storage compartment, just above the ballast bag feed lines.

Was then able to tie the wiring to the back side of the ballast bag feed lines to keep them out of sight for other than a small wire coming through inside.

This was the flatest surface that existed on the transom in order to maximize straight out light dispersion. The are just slightly off 90 degrees hence why they are not as straight as the centre.

Then tied into the existing wiring that was in place for the first light, and "voila" (that's french).

Thought about other locations, but the centre light is already quite bright so wanted to create a larger area of light.

Night pictures forthcoming after July long weekend.

Until then...

2008 LSV
Lumitech SeaBlaze 3
Amphibian Pro A6