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    Default '98 Outback Transom repair/ restoration

    I picked up this '98 Outback from close to Jacksonville, FL almost two months ago. It was obvious it was never taken care of, never covered, and never waxed, but it only had 320 hrs on the clock. I knew it needed a little work, all new interior, and some gel coat work but didn't know it would need a Transom repair. There were gel coat cracks all around the swim platform mounting brackets and I could actually pick up on the platform and watch the transom flex around the brackets. I could also see it had been messed with before because there was blue rtv around the bolts and brackets.

    Luckily I only paid enough for it that after the repairs I would still be right at the NADA price for a boat in "good condition." Plus I figured that for what I paid, I could at least part it out for that much.

    Here's what it looked like when I bought it.

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