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    Default ballast setup for an 05 outback

    anyone have a good ballast setup for an 05 outback? right now i have 2 350# sacs and it's not enough, i run one under the rear seat and one in the bow walkway, i'm thinking of running a 540# under the seat and the 2 350# sacs on the sides of the motor and another 300# sac in the walkway, does anyone have anyhting to reccomend? also has anyone done a nice permanent pump setup?


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    In my 03 outback we have the factory ballast. The tank in the rear and bag in the ski locker. then i run 2 350# bags on the side of the engine. If we dont have many people out we will throw my friends two 250# bags all the way in the front seating area. Without the 250# bags it puts up an awesome wake.

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