Agreed, it was as family friendly of an event as you wanted to make it. If it hadn't been "appropriate" at the raft up, we'dve split earlier. But the girls were having fun (they hear worse language on the school bus) & the folks had some nice conversations while we were parked down at the end.

We put in at Hwy 19 bridge & never made it on shore to check out the facilities at BCR, but thanks for introducing us to the Trinity - the water was great. Sure the cut reminded me of an Amazonian river expedition, but was fine unless you passed that same boat towing riders on a tube going the other way (which we did 3 different times!).

If fact we're thinking of going back next Saturday. Can someone tell me where the closest facilities are located (restrooms, gas, ice, food, etc.) along that stretch of river? Thanks (& thanks again for a great Jam)!