Hey guys, just wanted to add an update to this!

Seth, from www.tantrumtowropes.com, has generously offered to let us demo his wireless speed control system for the jam! I will have it installed on my boat and anyone will be more than welcome to a pull to see what you think.

In case you haven't seen or read anything about it, this is from the website:

"Tantrum Tow Ropes is the first to introduce wireless speed control. This unit allows the rider to fine tune the boat speed from the water. Using the Perfect Pass, Moomba Digital Pro or Moomba EZ Cruise, this revolutionary product will allow riders to take their abilities to the next level and make the day on the lake more enjoyable for all!"

I am pumped to try it out and hope you guys will be as well!

*Also, I talked with JT at Nettle Props in Austin and he acted interested in making an appearance with a few different props. I gave him all of the info he needs in case he did decide to make the trip!