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    Default NW Moomba yearly Camping Trip.

    Its getting to that time again for the Yearly NW Moomba camping trip.

    I have done this 3 years in a row now.

    10 was at Green Peter and was a big hit.
    11 was at LBC but was late in the year

    2012 is at Green Peter again. Dates are July 21-24th.

    Most of the regualr people have been contacted but i wanted a central spot to get confirmations and such.

    You can attend any of the dates, camp, or day cruise it.
    Most are planning July 21 Sat and Leaving Monday the 23rd.

    Me and Claudia will be out on the 22nd i might make the 21st but cant lock it down at this time.
    We are staying till Tuesday the 24th.

    Plan is Sunday the 22nd to get have a get together on the water and take pics and party up some, ride the other boats you havnt riden behind. Borrow boards from others to try out new gear.

    If everyone that can go shows up we will have
    and an OBV present

    Once i can get apx number of people and spaces Claudia can schedule the sites so were all near each other.

    Camp site has great spots, big, and Boat parking at your camp site.

    Heres the Site link if you want to brouse it.

    If you cant make this its ok, i normal do 3 3-4 day weekends at LBC on my buddies Property. You can let me know privately for those dates as i can only allow so many people since its private land, but Eric came last year and can vouch for the area being sweet.
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