Good morning all, I'm desperate for some advice and help here.
I'm using a BlueSea 7611 ACR in a 24v system between 2x odyssey 925 auxiliary batteries and 2x 8d (I think) starter batteries. And yes, in this instance the application isn't in a boat, but I'm hoping someone may be able to help anyway
During testing I'm finding that teverything is operating to spec, I'm getting good voltage and amps from the alternator and the ACR will open and close to spec. All my testing so far has been carried out at vehicle idle, apart from measuring start up power spikes, which were all within tolerance (less than 150a).
As soon as I turn my back and say that everything is working as it should be, everything goes wrong and the auxiliary batteries are dead within 30 minutes.
Auxiliary system has a 65a draw, alternator produces a steady 28.5v and at max revs can supply up to 270a. Vehicle draws approx 70a.
I have read on the blue sea spec page that neither battery on either side of the ACR should exceed group 27 - clearly the 8d does, and there's 2 of them. Could anyone advise on the effects this may have? Or could anyone suggest anything I'm missing?
Thanks in advance