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    Default Exile Audio Install Help!

    New owner of a 2013 outback V.

    It came with the upgraded 6 kicker cabin speakers and kicker amp from moomba.

    I've purchased the following

    2 xm9 tower speaker
    2 sxt9q tower speaker
    xm 30.2 amp
    javelin 5ch amp
    bluetooth LE music reviever
    ZLD MKII zone controller
    2nd Battery with switch

    Looking for advice on
    -tower placement for the 4 tower speakers (OZ TOWER)
    -placement of ZLD
    -would like to add a 12 inch sub, looking for best place to place it
    -Tower wiring (OZ tower)
    - Should i ditch the kicker amp and run all 4 towers off of the 30.2 and the cabins and sub off the javelin?

    Any help on any of the topics, especially pictures would help a ton!

    Leaving for Norris lake tomorrow night and hoping to have this project done tomorrow. Looking to speed up some of my decision making during my install.

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    nice choice of equipment on a great boat!

    Not to make light of your quest, but installing all this stuff and adding a sub by tonight or tomorrow.....I would start the install when you get back.

    take a peek at the photos in my profile album. My install is a mess, but it will give you an idea of how things fit in an NG OBV.

    I have 2 batteries, two amps, perko, distribution block (for ground and power) and a covered +12V bus.

    Got your cables yet?
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    There are multiple threads with OZ wiring installs ... then multiple threads requesting the same info.

    I find it easier to search moomba forum by google than using the search feature within the site.
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    Not what you were asking but I wouldn't mess with XMs and SXTs on the same tower - pick one and get 4 of them. Then run them all off the 30.2 and the Javelin for the cabin and sub. You are going to have a very nice system - congrats!

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    I have 4 x SXT's w/ a 30.2 and now that they are installed right they sound absolutely AMAZING. Everyone who gets in the boat is blown away by the sound because they are used to sitting beside XMs which melt your face up close.

    FYI - we originally had the ZLD mounted right at the drivers seats but found that we rarely used it once it was dialled so moved in into the glove box so there wouldn't be any signal loss from the deck to the ZLD.
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    Totally agree. I went from the XM9's to 4 SXT9Q's and I am amazed at the difference in sound quality.
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