It is now 2 days since surgery, and i feel fine... No pain killers, just some ibuprofin, and I feel no worse than I did the day before surgery, maybe even better.

It was my option to have it removed. They "generally" dont cause problems, but I'd rather have it done now then have to take the chance later. The screw served it's purpose and was now just along for the ride. I would have probalby left it, but the head stuck out of the bone far enough taht I could feel it throiugh my skin. There isnt' a lot of meat on your ankle. Lol. If I sat with my legs crossed, or bumped it on something, it was sore or painful, so i went ahead and had it removed.

I still can't believe how long it is myself. Seems like it would've been poking out BOTH sides! Lol.

Oh, I was put out for removal, completely out. Only took like 10-15 minutes, so recovery was quick and easy. I wouldn't want to be awake for this!