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    Default Does anyone know anything about hearing aids?

    The medication Iíve had to take has eaten up my hearing. Apparently any design will work but unless I hear differently I suspect none can be worn while riding. I donít think I want the totally invisible. I suspect they would be very difficult to readily remove and the batteries would be too small. Iím not sure if I want In-The-Ear (ITE) , In-The-Canal (ITC) or Behind-The-Ear (BTE). BTE apparently avoids the stopped up feeling of the other two. Anyone out there with some real life experience? Iím not looking forward to this but Iím also sick to death of saying ďwhat, what, I canít hear you.Ē Iím going in Tuesday to pick one and get fitted.


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    Sorry I just had to.

    I dont have any helpfull info but good luck in your choiceand sorry about your hearing.

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    What the heck kind of medication attacks your hearing/ears?

    My Mother had rheumatic fever as a child and it impacted her hearing. She finally broke down and got the "near invisible" in the ear ones and has overcome the awkward feeling that her ears are stopped up. Hers adjust automatically for volume and even have some sort of noise cancellation for things like wind. She went this route due to vanity, but I think she is real happy with the overall results.
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    To add something of value to this, yes I wear a hearing aid, courtesy of Uncle Sam and a very near and loud explosion 25 years ago. I'm over half deaf in one ear so the VA supplied me with a Phonak Audťo S YES BTE unit. It literally took about a day to get used to it and nobody even knows i'm wearing it. It came with a device to raise or lower the volume when neccessary. The battery is the same size as used in watches. Phonak also makes waterproof devices btw but i didn't see the need as I take it out when on the boat anyway as the wind gets real loud! It's formed to your ear canal and is quite easy to put in an take out. The difference in hearing is totally amazing.
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    my ex's dad did hearing aids. he tried the totally invisible ones and had a real hard time with them. they were very small and somewhat cumbersome to use. he preferred the somwhat larger ones, especially when adjustments were needed based on what he was doing. they did take some time to get used to them.
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