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    Default 2005 Mobius Tower Size

    Good afternoon. I have purchased a 2 pairs of MTX tower speakers for my 2005 Mobius Tower. We are trying to figure out exactly how we are supposed to mount them because it seems as though our tower is small compared to the mounting hardware that came with the speakers. We measured around the outside of the tower bars and its like 5 1/2 inches all the way around. Do we need some special type of clamp for the tower? If anybody has any input I would appreciate it because we already have the wire run for the tower. Thanks
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    Your tower is 1 5/8" diameter.

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    1 5/8 is a very small tower size. Many clamps don't scale down that far. Even the Exile speakers need a special modified mount to accommodate that size tower. If you already have the speakers in hand, I'd contact MTX tech support and ask them if its possible to mount on this diameter. Probably not what you want to hear..but its the course I'd take.

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    The 1-5/8" tower size is tricky - I feel your pain. You can get rubber inserts to use with a larger clamp. They work, although not as clean and neat as you'd like usually. You can do some trimming though if you have excess that gets, uh squeezed out, but don't go thinking you can use clamps meant for a 2 1/4" tower on a 1-5/8" bar and just fill the void with the rubber collar!

    I have a set of board racks with double inserts on them which are probably meant for a 1-3/4" bar. Had to crank them down REALLY tight but they hold kneeboards and surfboards going 50mph down the road and don't slip around...

    Something like this is basically universal if you are comfortable with some cutting it to fit.
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