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    I am installing my new rev 10's and syn 4 amp, along with a simple perko switch. I will be switching to an acr,vsr setup later when I get new batteries. I am hooking all amps, helm bus, and alt to common on Perko. Only thing on positive side of battery is cable from bat 1 to perko 1, and bat 2 to perko 2. All grounds will be tied to the negative terminals on the battery, with a cable from neg on bat1 to neg on bat 2, and ground from motor to bat 1. If I understand this right all accesories and stereo will function as normal on either, 1,2 or all settings on the perko. If on 1 drains only bat1, if on 2 drains bat2, on all drains both. Same with charging right. If this isn't the way it works I would appreciate the help on the correct method. Also I am going to use a distribution block for the amps. So I need some help with fuse size. I will use 1 ga wire to block and 4 ga to amps. What size fuse should I use between the perko and the dist block? My amps are a jl audio xd 700/5, and syn 4. Also should I fuse between the amps, and dist block, and what size? My helm buss has breaker already, is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks for the help.

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    IIRC, the main fuse between distro and bat (which that run should be as short as possible) should be a combination of all the amps rated fuses +10%. David, Brian, or Phil could confirm this.
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    You want a master fuse or breaker for all audio electronics as close to the dual battery switch output as possible.
    The collective fusing value for the two amplifiers is 135 amps. You can either equal that or run 10 percent less. However, that would be an odd value to find. 100 amps is too small for the master so 150 amps is acceptable. The master fusing is for protection of the boat and occupants in the event of a boating accident and a short. Some will run redundant and split fusing at the wire gauge step-down/distribution block point. This is also for the protection of the boat & occupants and is essential if you have a protracted cable length after the step down but has little value if the distribution blocks are right at the amplifiers.

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