I am installing my new rev 10's and syn 4 amp, along with a simple perko switch. I will be switching to an acr,vsr setup later when I get new batteries. I am hooking all amps, helm bus, and alt to common on Perko. Only thing on positive side of battery is cable from bat 1 to perko 1, and bat 2 to perko 2. All grounds will be tied to the negative terminals on the battery, with a cable from neg on bat1 to neg on bat 2, and ground from motor to bat 1. If I understand this right all accesories and stereo will function as normal on either, 1,2 or all settings on the perko. If on 1 drains only bat1, if on 2 drains bat2, on all drains both. Same with charging right. If this isn't the way it works I would appreciate the help on the correct method. Also I am going to use a distribution block for the amps. So I need some help with fuse size. I will use 1 ga wire to block and 4 ga to amps. What size fuse should I use between the perko and the dist block? My amps are a jl audio xd 700/5, and syn 4. Also should I fuse between the amps, and dist block, and what size? My helm buss has breaker already, is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks for the help.