Curious as to what the specs are on the gear that I have in my boat. From what I can tell is that it has Audio Package C with 2 bow Speakers, a sub, and a 5 channel amp. the Amp is the Kicker ZXM700.5. I had this amp in my last boat and it did really well. I haven't gotten a chance to really listen to this system yet but am hoping to shortly, as in this weekend.

The previous owner installed Wet Sounds Pro60s on the tower. I magine they were running the towers and the sub off the Amp and the cabin speakers off of the radio as there is only one amp in the boat that I have found.

I want to do a minor upgrade to the stereo until I can go all Wet Sounds maybe next year or probably the year after. I thought about adding a ZXM450.2 or 350.4 for the towers and then running everything else off the 700 like my previous boat. I had the Polk DB 650 cabin speakers, KMT6's, and a Kicker Comp VT 12 under the helm. It sounded pretty good.

Is the factory sub the KM10? Is it any good? What model are the cabins? Are they any good? What is the general opinion of the factory sub? I've seen a few of you have taken the factory box out so I guess it's safe to assume that the box isn't very good. I wasn't too impressed when they turned it on at the dealer. I thought to myself well, this boat is much nicer than my old one but my old system sure is better...

I have the MB quart stereo in right now but I have ordered the Kenwood KMR-550U head unit and 2 KCA-107MR remotes. They should be here Friday. As soon as I can brave it enough to start cutting I will put those in.

Potential Future Stereo:
Wet Sounds XS65 x 6
Wet Sounds XS-12
Wet Sounds Syn 6
Wet Sounds Double Up System
Wet Sounds Syn 2
Wet Sounds WS420

*note* this list may change as time goes on. But If I had the cash to do this today this is what I would be putting in.

Thanks for the help!