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    We were going across the lake and we stopped to start riding. I looked back on the platform and the black pad on my 2001 Mobius is hanging off the platform halfway in the water. We took the boat to get some electrical work done and to get this replaced. They said they might not can do it because they are not a dealer anymore, they just work on the boats. I'm not exactly sure what they meant but anyways. Is there a way I can put the pad back on myself, what kind of adhesive should I use? Thanks.

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    3M makes a heavy duty spray adhesive available at Home Depot and Lowes, I have used this in many marine applications. It costs about 10$ per can, you won' t need more than thirty(just kidding) only one. Make sure the surface(platform) is cleared of the old adhesive by useing acetone, spray a fair amount on the platform and the backside of the nonskid, let it tack off for a few minutes and slowly press the pad back on. Be sure to roll as much air out from underneath to the edges, thus eliminating air bubbles underneath.Brian Raymond

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    Get gator grip:

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