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I was led to believe that they don't put the diesels into 1/2 ton trucks as 1/2 are considered "cars" and subject to the same crash/emissions requirements, where a 3/4 and up truck is considered a "truck" and not subject to the same crash/emissions requirements. seemed that the decisions were made by NTSB and EPA, not detroit.

a decent diesel in a 1/2 ton would be a huge hit if it had some good base numbers. we all know what companies like bully dog can do with a diesel so if this cummins is like the rest, 400hp and 600ft/lbs won't be far behind from the aftermarket..
Yup that was what has always been posted in the diesel mags about why you cant get a diesel in a 1/2 ton. It seams the public outcry for a diesel is finally being herd. I think this also might be why your seeing a much smaller diesel engine then you do in 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. I am sure you will see a lot of the aftermarket jump on board with these diesels too, to release the hiden power but the biggest problem is most of the aftermarket stuff is requires you to remove Emission equipment, thats ok when you dont see DEQ like my truck in OR.

Lets say Claudia's TDI now, it has to goto Emissions in 4 years, then ever 2 after. So its a lit harder to tamper with it. Most of it could prolly be handles with a decent computer reprogram. Unfortunatly for her TDI its staying bone stock. She is averaging 43 MPG with less then 1K on the car, so engine hasnt even broken in yet. Since we are leasing it, i have no intentions of spending anything on it. Not even tires LOL. All the servies are included in the lease so all i technically have to play for is brakes and tires.