I was driving my my youngest daughters friends home from her birthday party yesterday when a cat ran out from between 2 cars. With no time to do my usual avoidance manoeuvre I ended up fatally nicking the little devil. The girls we pretty occupied in the van so I thought I got away with it. Till my daughter asked if I had hit the cat? I said No but it wasn't quite convincing enough and her and her friends stated begging me to go back and see if the "kitty" was alright. After they told me it could be some poor little girls pet I reluctantly agreed. I circle around to the location to find an elderly Italian lady with the cat in her arms. (not moving ). I get out at my daughters request and approach the lady explaining what had happened. She was crying and muttering in illegible Italian to me. I explained how I had no time to avoid her cat but she just got louder. I pulled out my wallet but only had $20 in it and felt that may be an insult so I went back to the van and got my cheque book. I told her I was sorry and hoped she could get a take care of things and maybe get a new cat and wrote a cheque for $300. It calmed her a little but by now a police officer came by and he gave me another $300 ticket. Man when it rains it pours. Well at least my daughter had a good birthday party.