Ever since I installed my tower lights over a year ago I have been trying to find a rocker cover to match the original Contura V style covers. I bought the original switch for the tower lights from our local Moomba dealer thinking the cover would match, of coarse when I received it in the mail it did not. I called them and they said that was all they could get so my hunt has been on ever since. I actually contacted Carling technology directly and they told me that there inventory didn't show any dealers carrying that style cover in stock for the double through switches.

So I finally found a company that does custom rocker switch cover. It doesn't match 100%, but it is a lot closer then the rectangular double through cover. I tried to get the Moomba Roo embossed on the cover but that is another story. So I went with a couple of kangaroos, forward facing for front lights, rear facing for rear lights. Finally my switch panel looks factory again.
Some pics....

DSCF3498.jpg DSCF3502.jpg DSCF3506.jpg DSCF3507.jpg DSCF3508.jpg