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    Default Warm/Hot bilge water

    My bilge kicks on once every 10 mins or so and pisses out warm water.

    I did have a leak in my heater core and I removed that essentially looping the hoses where the heater was at. Not leaking there.
    I've checked all around engine with it running and do not see it leaking water any where...

    I really can't find/ see how my water lines run from engine up to where heater is at, so I think maybe it could be that.... any other ideas and/or pictures to show me where how to find my water lines that are running under the floor.

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    Default Warm/Hot bilge water

    I would look at the exhaust hose connection. I had this issue on my lsv where the hose met the transom- it was not fully seated and would let hot water in to the bilge. Only did it while under way so was really hard to figure it out. I had a buddy drive while I was peering all around the motor to find it. Kinda sketchy with the motor cover up and at speed but had to be done to figure it out.
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