The amp I ordered is almost here Never having done this before, I have couple of noob quesitons. As background, I have a standard 6 speaker set up which I got new speakers for this year (infinity 612m). It was suggested to me to get a basic 4 channel amp and run the bow speakers off of 1 and 2, and the cabin speakers off of 3 and 4 (two speakers per channel). I went with a JL JX360/4

1) The head unit in the boat (I am hoping to not upgrade it this year) has 2 RCA outputs. Does this mean that I can only use 2 channels on the amp? If I do 2, bridged I think, that puts me way over the speaker limit.

2) Should the amp be on the same switch as the head unit? If so, do I need to upgrade the wire going to that switch?

Thanks in advance!

-- bk