I know like a few others i've talked about upgrading stereo and other boat stuff but for one reason or another the last couple seasons. A couple years ago i replaced my head unit and 6 inboard speakers and had plans to continue adding a sub and Amp/Amps.

The other day i was able to get parts ordered to fix/replace a mangled trailer fender and tire rim combo,now waiting on there arrival. Today i was able to get a good deal on a clearout Sub box combo from Kicker.
I've researched many parts , brands as to what i want and i don't need a Hard core sub so this should work fine and simplicity was a key part of this choice,now to pick up an Amp and wiring hardware and a friend has offered up a warm heated shop to store and work on my boat repairs and install,so Finally i can get my boat up to the point i really want.

I still need to get my battery checked and likely pick up a second battery to add to my system as well,but for once i seem to be finally getting closer to Stereo reality.