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Mike- I am not a touring bike guy normally, but holy cow! That is SHARP! I am definitely in the "love it" crowd.


Are HD's still all aircooled? (besides the V-Rod) I thought I saw a radiator on your Victory. My father and Uncle both have HD's and they get hotter than heck when riding. What made you go with the Victory over the HD? Were you looking at the Electra Glide?
pretty sure the V-rod is still the only liquid cooled HD.

One thing about cruisers is you cannot beat the looks of an air cooled engine, once you put a radiator on a bike without fairings it just ruins it for me. my dad has a yamaha raider S air cooled and it is a sweet looking bike, yamaha makes another bike slightly smaller motor and liquid cooled and it looks like a tard, driveability is improved around town and in traffic though but man do the air cooled motors look slick!

that victory really pulls of the radiator well since it has fairings on it all over, slick looking bike but my dream bike is still a HD fat boy