Just got my Bed Rug installed. Its a really sweet product. http://www.bedrug.com/

After having a Rhino liner in my last couple of trucks and liking them i really missed not having something in the bed of the new truck. I have an issue with scratches on my trucks and this includes the bed. IDK something with me i guess LOL.

Anyhow after 2 months of arguing with the Steelership over my trucks title being done wrong, my stabalizer not getting installed and figing to get my credit back from the IOU the Steelership gave me at the time i purchase i went down there with full Malo attitude and put the Sales Manager in check.

After hashing out the issues he offered me a free Rhino liner since they install them or 300 towards anyliner i wanted. So i got my Bed Rug for 74 bucks out of pocket.

I love this liner as its a perfect match to the carpet on my topper, and its padded so when you craw in there to get items its soft on the knees. Also with the carpet style liner things dont seem to slide as much on them.

To top it off Its Oso approved so now he can ride in the back and stick his head out the windows and i dont have to worry about him sliding in the bed when i take my corners at 30 mph LOL.

Sorry not the best pics as i used my Iphone and im getting flaring from the late day rain and sun glare.