Anybody watch GoldRush on The Discovery channel? My son, daughter and I have been watching it all season without missing a single show. For those that don't know, some of the main characters in the show are from Sandy, Oregon, only about an hour away from where we live and I've been through there many times on the way to Mt. Hood.

At any rate we're cruising through the RV show today in Portland and I walk right past this dude - Todd Hoffman. He's basically the main character in the show. So I called his name, he spun around, shook hands, BS'd for a few minutes. Didn't mind talking or taking pictures with the kids at all. He's exactly like he is on the show in person - in fact I think he was wearing the same hat that he was in the last episode where they were interviewing guys from the after show about their experiences.

He said he was hunting for a new RV to head north with. Thanked us several times for watching the show. Joked around a little. Then said just wait until next season, it's going to be even bigger, more equipment, etc.

Just a normal guy, cruising through with his two little kids. Very cool!

I'd seriously recommend the show if you haven't seen it. Me and the kids love it.