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    Default Cheapo Amp Suggestions

    I am going to take everyones advice and get a cheapo amp to install with my Infinity Reference 612m which I got for Christmas. I say cheapo since I am runing out of my wifes patience for $$ spent on the boat. I am curious if folks have experience with any of

    Kenwood Kac 8405:
    Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4:
    Sound Ordnance™ M-4075:

    Now.. some noob questions:

    - I was assuming to not purchase a wiring kit, since I assume the boat wiring would be different lengths. Seem reasonable?
    - Can I install the amp near the battery (front compartment, right next to the battery)? That would be easiest for wiring and would clean up the compartment a bit. I dont know if i need to worry about interference.
    - I assume I should run new speaker wires to handle the increasd power to the speakers. Is that correct?

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    You mean you Tell your wife about how much your Spending........LOL... We all go thru it, don't we. I buy a lot of good stuff cheap on E-bay and CL. Just saying get the most bang for your buck if your on a budget. I dont have experience with the amps you have listed. I do have a 9105 Kenwood for my subs. I have always used Kenwwod and had good experience with them.
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    I believe I have the older version of that Kenwood (id have to really look at it) if you would be interested in it.

    1. It seems to be easier to just figure out the wiring you need and run by a local installer and pic some up
    2. Yep, you can install right next to each other. You will want to consider a fuse.
    3. Probably not necessary since you aren't jumping up the power big time? Not sure what is currently installed.

    ^Quick answers as I didn't look up the products referenced. There may be other options to explore as well.
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    The KAC line is a pretty solid budget amp and way better than the off brand stuff. Check ebay for refurb/recertified Infinity Reference amps- nice deals sometimes and decent budget stuff. Most of the Rockford stuff is pretty reliable too.
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    I've had really good luck with the kicker ZX line.
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    Every one has their own preference to brand for specific items, mine happens to be JL audio for my amps.

    Since HiFi Sound Connection came up, I have to mention that I had a bad experience with them and would not recomend them. I ordered direct off thier website, they listed items they dont have in stock, then wont refund for backorder item, no refund for returned item, poor customer service-only contact by email or sit on hold for a long time. I ended up going through my credit card to stop payment on them. This incident took place about 1 year ago. Maybe things have changed but Buyer Beware.

    If looking for another possible retailer, check out I have used them, and no problems and prices seem good.

    No experience with the amplifiers listed. Had Rockford Fosgate back in the 90's, were good back then.

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    Not calling out any particular on-line retailer but many of these sources are not authorized dealers for a great number of products they represent to sell. They may not procure it until they have a sale. The origins may be questionable. The serial numbers may have been changed. The product may not have a manufacturer warranty at all. If the retailer has to warranty the product that can be a six month ordeal or a path to nowhere. So it is always better to check with the manufacturer involved in advance of the purchase and find out if the dealer in question is authorized to sell their product.


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    FWIW, I have several older KAC kenwood amps in my boat and one of those is the older version of the one you mentioned (kac-8402). It works great running 4 wetsounds xs-65's. I was on a tight budget as well. I got one of the amps free so I picked up 2 more for around $50/each used.(ebay) That being said, If I had reason to go out and buy a new/new-to-me/refurbished 4-channel amp, I would be choosing from Pioneer GM-D9500f, Arc Audio XXD-4080, or the Kicker IX500.4, All of which are class D and $150-$260 range from what I have seen.
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    If you really want to go cheap...You could always go with automotive amp and not marine rated. Maybe this is the case with some of the amps you're referring to above, and I know it isnt' perfect solution, but I've been running an early '90's kenwood amp in my boat for 6+ years now and it is still working fine...not sure for how much longer, as it is starting to look pretty rough now sinec I had such a crappy cover on the Moomba last year and it stayed a little too moist in it. Just mount it somewhere it won't get wet. I only bring it up because there are a LOT more peope out there upgrading their car amps than their boat amps, so a used amp can be easy to come by. Just a thought...
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