Had a real eye opener this morning on the way to work. I ride my Harley to work just about every single day, if it's not raining when it's time to go in the morning I am on it. Well, this morning was going great, I took Kira to school, came home parked the truck and hopped on Debbie (Harley's name). I make it about 15 miles from home and am cruising at around 78ish behind a truck in the fast lane. We are passing a car that is in the right line, we make it past and the truck moves over and I speed up. I made it to right about 80 when all the sudden my bars started shaking horribly back and forth and I was now having to "turn" the bars right to go straight. I immediately knew what had happened and that I was in a heap of trouble! I had to bolt between the car we had just passed and the truck that I was following to the shoulder while trying to keep the bike under control.

I get her pulled over and sure enough, my front tire blew out. It didn't just go flat, the damn tube exploded on the inside and the tire instantly lost it's bead. Luckily, Ash's work is only about 10 more minutes down the road and she was able to bring a truck and trailer for me to load the bike on. Talk about a scary few seconds. I've experienced rear flats before, they are bad enough, but to have the front tire completely gone...woah. Hell, I've arrived and had a "flat" front before and could only tell because the steering was sluggish...this was a whole new experience. It scared the heck outta me.

So that got me thinking, any one else had any "oh crap I'm in big trouble" moments lately? When I had to jet between the truck I was following and the car we had just passed I really had no clue what was about to happen. In that moment it seems like 50 different things went through my head of what was about to happen. The main one I remember was get me off this damn road!!!