Well, so far we are loving the Dmax. It has the Bose stereo in it with the little bose sub, but I wanted to add just a little more ump to my bump so I added the mono amp and the Kicker CVR that we had in the Ford. I kept it simple and used a LOC to tap into the rear speakers. Should finish it all up tonight. I had to build a box for the sub, however. I went to all the websites that sell boxes and just couldn't find anything that fit what I wanted, plus I could not justify paying $100 bucks plus shipping for something I could do myself.

After all the digging around, I liked subthump.com's under seat 10" box the best minus one thing...they built it to go under the 60% portion of the bench, I wanted it under the 40% section. On occasion I flip the large seat up and I wanted to keep all that space. So off to work I went..and here is what I wound up with. Ended up coming in at .76ft. and it is elevated by just a bit over 1.5 inches off the floor. The sub shows it needs .8ft, but thats the best I could do. I used a little poly fill on the inside. I'm sure the design isn't the perfect world box, but for what I wanted it will be great. Enjoy!

Side view Seat down

Seat Up

Drivers seat looking back it it with seat up