1st: I located the existing driver side remote plug under the dash and unplugged it and slid the wires from the new transom remote into the stereo side of the plug and made sure it was compatible. It controlled the stereo so all was good.

2nd: I ran the (4)wire down the starboard side gunwale leaving it loose so I could go back and adjust length.

3rd) I wired the 4 wires to the existing plug-in under the dash. This is being shared with my automatic volume control. Then I rechecked the transom remote at the aft end of the boat to make sure everything was still working.

4th: Tape gel coat. Drill small pilot hole with standard drill bit. Then with a Forstner drill bit start to drill, very slow speed with medium pressure, the underneath of fiberglass using the small drill hole as a guide. Once you have cut about 1/16" into the fiberglass then start on the outside. Again using the small drill hole using the Forstner bit in forward direction drill very slowly into the gel coat. Once you are through the gell cut you can speed the drill up slightly until all the way through the fiberglass. By back cutting the underneath you don't have to worry about splintering the fiberglass.