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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    Dang, Mike! You've only had that garage for about 3 weeks! How'd you get a mess already?

    Looks good. Way to get a jump on it now before it gets past the point of no return like mine.
    Mostly because I've got so many other thins going on I just toss stuff around lol
    Once I get all the stuff done I want to do over the next couple weekends I will have to open all the boxes and sort threw it all. I have tons of boating and stereo stuff that I need to get out of the garage.
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    Just giving you crap. I have a workbench in my garage with my vise and tools, etc. It's actually a heavy old oak desk with 3/4" plywood on top of it. Right now I can't see any of the surface of it. I have stereo boxes, ballast boxes, decal boxes, tools, wire, adhesives, cleaners, solvents, rags, etc. all over the place. I have moving boxes everywhere. I have a dirtbike trailer in the garage while the wife's convertible sits outside. I am the last person to be criticizing anyone's garage. BTW, it looks great- I can't believe you get it all in there. Nice job.
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    Yep, a cramped garage is better than having her sleep outside! Mine looks the same!
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