Thought I'd start this thread instead of hi-jack mmandley's Serenity thread. I'm in the process of buying the goodies for my daily driver and wanted to see how many might be doing the same (or already running some of it) and can chime in with opinions.

Running PPE now and thinking of switching to EFI Live Autocal DSP5 with Idaho Rob tunes. KG - do you have the DSP5 switch and what's ur opinion on on-the-fly switching? Who does ur tuning? I was going to install it myself and didn't know how difficult or easy it is going to be?

I've got 4" cat-back exhaust and I'm going to replace my downpipe with new flo-pro and figure since i'm at it I'll pull the 4" out and get rid of the cat and go 5" all the way. Heard the downpipe can be a bitch with the heatshield in the way?

TransgoJr. Kit for the Allison sounds like a must for higher tunes. Don't suppose the lift helps either. Gonna have a shop do this one as I don't feel comfortable tying into the tranny.

Trans cooler lines on the LBZ are a nuisance and leak. Factory lines are chit and been replaced under warranty once already. Gonna buy new lines and replace them myself. Heard their a pain and have to take the whole front end apart.

Other items:
Shim kit
Air bags (anybody have pics of the guage and controls installed in cab?)
FASS or ADII fuel system
Resonator cap
PCV re-route
S&B intake