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    Default Serenity got 1600 in upgrades

    I wanted to throw this up, those with Diesels can appriciate it. Those without thinking of getting one might like the info LOL.

    Got my 08 Ford F350 6.4L Twin Turbo start of Jan.

    Going into the purchase i knew the stong and weak points of this truck and engine combo.
    Its the Last International made engine and personaly im a fan of the International.

    Weak points
    cooling system leaks from the radiator. Mine had this all fixed under warrenty
    DPF System < diesel particulate system > present as its EPA required
    EGR valve present as its EPA required
    Fuel milage 11 in town and 15 mixed and 17 hwy

    Strong points
    350 hp and 650ft torque...Betty 430 HP and 730 torque Modified
    Twin Turbo setup....Betty Single Turbo
    new oil type of oil cooler < much better then the 6.0>
    Larger and better placed head bolts. < much better then 6.0
    All new truck design

    So after leaving Black Betty and mind you the dealer sold her with in 2 weeks. I had no real regrets except over all milage and stock this was less the Betty since she was modified. After driving 2 weeks to work and back and only getting 450 miles from the tank and averaging 14.5 mpg i was pretty disapointed in the rig. Also when you mash the skinny peddle it had a bit more turbo lag then Betty, but once she kicked in you could feel some good solid power. You could also literally watch the fuel gauge go down every day you drove it. At 50 miles if comes off full, it hits 3/4 at 100 miles and so one. This fuel gauge is dead on all the time lol.

    So im my never leave anything stock mantra i upgraded things LOL.

    I did the standard upgrades for the 08
    S&H Mini Max tuner
    S&B cold air intake
    Diamond Eye 5inch exhaust
    MBRP 6inch chrome tip

    WOW is all i can say, and im sure glad my truck has traction control. This truck is a straight up beast. with up to 310 RWHP on the tuner i can lay down 570 hp to the ground, with the S&B intake its been dynoed at 590. Torque is now apx 1100 at the rear wheels. No i didnt get my dynoed LOL. These are the standard proven numbers for this set up, plenty of the companies selling these products list these numbers, and tons of owners on the have dynoed the trucks with these numbers as results.

    Driving the truck last night was scary at times, a rush at times, and just pur fun all the time. Scary part is when you step into this thing, it starts with a growl from the engine, as it sucks in all that air threw the new opened CAI, then it puts you into the seat and the power rolls in, the traction control light comes on and you can literaly feel the power at the back of the truck. Its inteanse, I havent even when WOT yet, thats the scard part LOL. Im only running the 275 tune till i get used to it lol.

    Milage last night was 18 mpg mixed city and hwy. I expect it to go up more as i get the trans tune installed because it didnt want to shift to 5th till 55mph where before it would shift at 50 so the revs stay right at 2K at 50 and thats drinking some fuel.

    All i can say is if you get one of these trucks, the proven combo of S&B, MINI Max, and 5inch exhaust will not let you down lol.

    Heres some pics.

    Stock air filter

    DPF system

    Mini Max tuner, this is a pic i stole of Google LOL I need to paint my dash pod to match the truck.
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