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    I agree, I have never had a problem
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    Ive left fuel in my old cars for year at a time, but i left it in the tank while it was full and i was in AZ so low low humidity.
    Worst thing your going to encounter is water
    Next is low octane causing pre detonation <very bad>

    If you are not worried about water then i would do 2 things. Get a bottle of Green Stabil as this treats for ethanl and water, and then add a bottle of 104 octane booster to it and run it.

    Worst that happens is you get poor hour usage for that tank, lack of power compared to a fresh tank.

    Personally if my tank is full on the boat i would do the above and run it, if the tank wasnt full in NW climate i would drain it and dump it in Claudias car with the above items.

    Speaking of Mowers, i got a nice Toro, 2 years old and now it wont start for chit, it starts and then dies like 3 or 4 times, once it starts and runs it has no power to mow untill it warms up for 5 minutes and it was never like that before. I changed the spark plug and no help. I normaly drain the fuel and refill the tank to help it start but it till has weak power till it warms up then it runs great. Any mower guys got some incite? I never had this issue and lawmowers are sopposed to be simple, carb, coil, plug, fuel, cut stuff LOL
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