Since we're all bored and I'm about ready to start my stereo mini upgrade I thought I'd throw everything I have out on the table and see if there are some good ideas or something I'm missing. Maybe somebody can benefit from the advice. (BTW, I'm not blowing anybody off the water and this is a truly "budget" system. I have a bunch of kids and surf a lot. My regular river is pretty narrow and has mostly high banks. There are some houses along the shore. The sound funnels back to the rider pretty well. I went with "surf" speakers because I surf more than anything and don't want to be too loud. I don't play the in boat speakers very loud either but want to be able to turn up the tower)

About all I was going to do is pull some new speaker wire (12 gauge) through the tower and add a second pair of Exile SXT65's and the equalizer for better zone control. But I thought maybe it would be good to review the whole thing and see if I should change anything or do any obvious upgrade.

Here's the list of what I have:
stock Kenwookd KDX MP2035 head unit
6 stock in-boat Kicker 6.5
1 stock Kicker ZX200.4
1 Pioneer 10" (I think it's a single voice coil 4 ohm) subwoofer
1 stock Kicker ZX250.2
4 Exile SXT65 tower speakers
1 Exile X600.2 amp
KMA4200 marine audio equalizer

I'm pretty sure this HU has only one set of preamp outs. The plan is to locate the KMA4200 at the helm and run from the preamp outs on the HU to its input then back to the amps for in-boats, tower and subw.

The 200.4 runs the inboats with the rear 4 speakers in parallel.
The 250.2 in bridged mode runs the subwoofer.
The 600.2 would run the 4 tower speakers in parallel.

Anything anybody wants to throw out there for setup, tuning, etc. please do so. Thanks!