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    Here is my first draft of the wiring. I was bored and needed to have a visual Let me know if I missed anything. Have started scoping out the products:
    4 Guage Power - 2x (still looking for better deal)
    100 ft 12 AWG speaker wire (thinking 50 wouldn't be enough)-
    35 ft RCA -
    Remote Wire -

    Few more questions
    1. Power to head unit provided by amp, correct?
    2. What is the remote wire, does that just power everything on when the head unit is powered on?
    3. I am assuming the 12 awg is good since some of the nicer speakers have those as inputs and you can just add the caps/plugs to them?

    Berg- do you run the front bow speakers and right speaker through those holes in the basement? Why 2 cable organizers in that picture? Not enough room, do they run to the same place? Hard to picture where that hole comes up to since I haven't seen our boat in awhile. Does it come up by the drivers feet?

    What kind of material did you use to create the mount for the amps? Was the carpet available locally somewhere? Did you just screw the mounted board then to what is there? Have to make sure the screws aren't too long I suppose.

    BTW Ian if you read this your PM mailbox is full

    Thanks all!
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