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    "Domestic crude oil production is higher now under President Obama than when President Bush left office."

    "Oil and gas activity is back to pre-recession levels and actually nearing a 20-year high. In fact, there are more active drill rigs in the United States than all other countries combined."

    "The Wall Street Journal reported that energy jobs are at a 20-year high and that industry is actually worried about a shortage of skilled workers."

    I don't want to get any type of political battle started here but I just wanted to share some factual tidbits on the topic. I don't bring these up in support of Obama. I bring these up because one of my biggest pet peeves with our country's situation is the media and it being controlled by outside influence. They have way more to do with what people believe than people would admit. Just check out each of the news coverages after a big event. The following day, I bet you can tell who watched fox news!

    And to top it off, Nancy Grace was on the TV this morning when I was leaving. SMH.

    EDIT: Yes, I'm sure you can find sources that discredit the quotes, which goes back to my point, there is little to no credible source these days.
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