any cruise ship fanatics here in the moomba/supra world? how many times have you been, will you go again, worth the money it costs to float?

the wife and i are looking at taking a cruise this year in august. neither of us have ever been on a cruise before and i am looking at getting some general/detailed information from any cruise takers on the site. we are looking at a carnival cruise leaving from galveston and doing the western caribbean set. anyone ever been?

best way to book? with travel agent or cruise line directly?

any additional costs/hidden fees i can expect outside of the 900 a person quote i have for a 5 day cruise, suite room.

perks, discounts, advantage club deals that may be out there i am not familiar with. (exampleolice, fire, insurance memberships, etc.)

any information anyone has will be greatly appreciated. i'm looking at booking the cruise next week and paying monthly (or whatever options they have) in order to have it paid for by float time.

thanks in advance,