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    Like my trailer mover?

    I don't have any issues with power/torque of the motors, but I do with traction.

    I have a single axle so the tongue weight is heavier. I get stuck easily when trying to move around on dirt/grass or inclines more than 1-2 inches. The wheels on the mover spin. So either I need more weight on the mover or larger tires. Usually end up tearing up the grass and digging a hole...

    I use them mover all the time to get the boat from the alley into the garage and lined up, so I can then push it out the rear garage door into the yard. I put the mover in neutral and push the boat by hand as fast as I can. This give me some momentum(yes, it's terrifying) to get onto the grass. Then I use my truck to back it up further if needed....
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    Default Trailer Valet Dolly/Jack Anyone seen of of these in action?

    I have found that I can manually move the boat trailer by rolling the tire of the trailer by hand. It moves really easily on a flat surface. Moving in varying directions is not as easy with the dual axle.

    I can't really move it forward or backward by pushing from the front or back. Hand rolling the tire is no sweat. Just have some wheel chocks ready to stop the rolling...
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    My front jack will be going through the grass, then into the gravel though - doesn't really want to cooperate and I do need to make a turn to fit into my parking spot. Need something with a little power for that. Toying with a hidden front hitch on the truck. But what a pain...
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    Forgive me for reviving an old thread, but I've just joined the forum. I'm here as a Trailer Valet rep and would be more than happy to answer any and all questions on how to operate our product and its capabilities.

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