Since its off season, I figured you all can have a laugh with me...

I always get guys suggesting that Exile make some type of mount system so that the speakers could be transferred from one location to the next--- like a boat to a garage and be reused. We'll I can't say that we've come out with a product like that but it did inspire me to make a wall mount system for my office

thought I'd post up a few pics of my new digs. We've moved to a new location and did some build outs of the office space. I'm proud to say the walls are up, wired for sound and the offices are sporting marine audio systems. Check it out...

My office-- don't mind my half eaten lunch on my desk

Every office needs rack mounted surfboards eh?

One of the designers office

Figured you'd all get a chuckle or two.... Now where to mount the next surfboards arriving next week. Gotta think about that!