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    Default Wetsuit for the misses?

    Hey everyone! Like every year, the wife gives me no ideas for Christmas. However, I thought of something that might work. She always wears my spring wetsuit when we are out on the boat, so I think a nice one just for her is in order. I also was looking at getting just a wetsuit t-shirt top as well when its not too hot but not too cold as well. We also have a community life jacket, so I'd like to get her a nice one of those. (She is into kneeboarding and skiing more than wakeboarding)

    Anyone have any recommendations on what brand to get, and also where to get them if they know of any sales? Thanks!!!

    For instance:
    2000 Mobius V

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    ugh, I had a long response typed out and hit the wrong button ... short version ...

    Call Wetsuit Wharehouse. They can answer your questions and point you to the suit for you in no time. They were great to work with when I bought my suit. Also had competitive prices.

    My wife loves her Ronix and we have had great luck with our Hyperlite jackets. You should be able to find one a year or two old for the $60 range.

    Places i usually check for gear: evogear, boardstop, waterskis, buywake, etc.
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    This guy is a Moomba owner. He'll also give you a discount if you tell him you are a Moomba Maniac. Please give him a shot. Great products too.
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