Gi to GIII with reversible pumps, 08 OBV

So I finished my GI to GIII after several years or planning and redesigning. Thank you group buy for the deal in the reversible pumps. I will start off this is not a simple plug it in and go install. You need some knowledge of plumbing and electrical to do this. I am missing some photos since I was taking the photos with my phone and it went belly up. I might also be missing a step since I am recreating it from my memory. I got my parts from Home Depot and I will try to provide links on each part to help you out.
Please note I used 3/4 right now because I did not want to replace out the current 3/4 connection during the summer. My winter project will be replacing out all the lines with 1”.

Needed parts.
3/4 tube. I used clear so I can see the water flow. I do not know how much I used since I keep changing where things set.
3/4 T – brass X 2 -
3/4 shutoff ball valve X 2 -
3/4 thread to 3/4 hoes connection X 6. -
3/4 hose T X 1 -
3/4 thread to 3/4 hoes 90*. Link is for a 1” but you will get the point.
Three reversible pumps – I used Johnson pumps.
12 gauge wire. Around 60 feet.
12 gauge female crimp terminal X 27 ish . -
14-16 gauge male crimp terminal X 6.
Rocker switch X 3 -
Inline fuse holder. I used 12 Gauge but the photo is from a 16 gauge.
20 Amp fuses X 3. One per pump. You can find that at your local auto part store or home depot.
12 gauge ring terminals X 6
Two bags for the rear compartments. I used 400LBS fly high I got from someone that upgraded to 700’s.
You will also need all the fittings to connect the hoes to the bags.
Hose clamps. After using the 3/4 ones they are a pain to get on so step up to ones that can go down to 3/4 but also can go up to 1” - Not sure if these can but you get the idea.
Electrical tape and plumbers tape. I keep forgetting mine at home and now have about 6 rolls of the stuff.
Bolts – nuts and washers
A board to mount the pumps on. I did a Teflon board.

Tools you will need:
Electrical tools to cut/strip and crimp on the connections.
Voltage meter.
Screw driver
Drill with different bits
Socket set
Crescent wrench.
A tool to cut the hose. I recommend buying one and not using a knife or else you will spend a lot of your day cutting down hose.
A hole saw.
soldering iron.
Table saw
Jig saw
Ok now down to business:
There are really two main parts. The electrical and the pluming.
The first part is to remove everything from the thru haul fitting to the hoes that goes to the front bag.
Install the T and the shutoff values. Past the shutoff values install the threaded 3/4 to hose connections. One on each side.

Next you will need to mount the pumps on the board. This board will be installed on top of the V-Drive unit where the GI sprinkler value is installed. You will have to remove the metal plate and my new plate will be bolted in the same place. That photo is to come late.

I did some of the pluming outside of the boat. Two of the pumps are connected together using the hose T adaptor.

Because of the location of the pumps I needed to use some of the 3/4 thread to 3/4 hose connections that are straight and some that are the 90*s.
Each pump has a 3/4 thread to 3/4 hose since the pumps you can do a 1” direct to the pump.
Now that the pumps are mounted to the plate you can install it on the V-Drive unit.

NOTE: you cannot install the left pump until after the plate is mounted to the V-Drive unit. On my plate there are two holes behind the left pump that I made line up with the holes that metal plate was attached too.