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    Default Riding Lawn Mower

    I'm in search of a new riding lawn mower. I have a small yard, .7 acre, but with .25 of sod for sure. The grass is Zorisa (sp). I have a slight slope and the yard is uneven. It goes down to the waters edge.

    I have a Toro personal pace push and it has worked very nicely in my past homes. This yard is too sloped and too many turns to want to use as the sole mower.

    I am looking for a quality machine. I think I want a tractor style, not the zero turn style. However, I am open. Since my experience with Toro products has been great, Toro is high on the list. John Deere and Kubota as also here. I really want to be under $3K, and I have the Kubota dealer on the look out for a used trade in in the next 4 weeks.

    I have ruled out the $1K box store mower as I have had one and the tranny was the limiting factor.

    Also, any input on Kohler, B&S, Kawi engines. I know B&S and I thought Kohler was cheaper brand, but not sure.

    I live in FL, so the mowing season is now til mid-late Nov. Every week. Once a month from Nov-Mar. So the mower will get used.

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    I had a John Deere from 2004 til 2014 and it runs flawless 1.5 acres .
    It had the 22 hp B&S
    Buy from a local dealer vs a box store , you will get much better service.
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    I also have JD Green x304 bought from implement dealer. Very reliable

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    Hey CDR,

    I highly recommend a Snapper Rear Engine Rider.

    I have the 28" wide deck

    It ain't the fastest mower in the world, but it does an awesome job of cutting the grass (St. Augustine and Bahia) perfectly level, never scalps and you have quick and full adjustment on the height as you mow. Put on a mulching kit, and the thing works just like a yard vacuum. Picks up even the smallest leaf.

    Anything that comes from my yard stays in the yard. When I trim stuff, I mulch it - even twigs up to about 3/8" in diameter. No trips to the dump for me.

    Cuts just as well in reverse as it does in forward.

    What I really appreciate is, given the size of the typical small Florida garage - I can get the mower, the truck and the car inside the garage.

    Cost me $1300 at the local Snapper dealer (in Clermont, the Snapper dealer also handles farm equipment. I won't buy yard equipment from a retail store.)


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    Not sure if you want to save some money, but most of us on here are pretty mechanical. If you found a used Poulan, craftsman, john deere usually you can fix them up and save a big chunk of change with a few simple fixes. I bought a Poulan a few years back that was retailing over 2k. Guy couldn't get it working, all it needed was a new inline filter and carb rebuild, and plugs. Said and done I was up and running at a grand total of 400.

    Just my .02

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    I'm kind of partial to the green and yellow, but then again... they pay my bills. A 300 series or above will certainly last longer and provide more options but the big box store & dealer 100 series would do the trick with that size lawn for years. You can also find good deals on used stuff... although JD holds value well. Good luck!
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    Kohler IMO is a better engine then a B&S. Used to have a cub cadet with a Kohler engine, tractor was solid, mowing sucked with it though. When in college I worked at Sears, the same mower with a B&S was typically a few hundred less than the one with a Kohler.
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    We bought a Hustler zero turn and I'm not sure it would be great for your set up but I really like the Kawasaki motor it has on it. Runs really smooth and has be extremely reliable.
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    Default Riding Lawn Mower

    Quote Originally Posted by gpd005 View Post
    We bought a Hustler zero turn and I'm not sure it would be great for your set up but I really like the Kawasaki motor it has on it. Runs really smooth and has be extremely reliable.
    X2 on the Hustler zero turn. Thing is a beast. 28 hp Kawasaki gets it moving. Cut my mow time in half.

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